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Campo San Giovanni Crisostomo

Cannaregio 5835

Venezia ‎ 

tel. 041 522 10 61


Opening hours: every day from 12.00 to 24.00

Closed on Tuesdays



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Prawns with marinated onions in venetian style. 10 €
Aubergines patties in a pastry crust of dried fruits. 12 €
Sardines with marinated onions in venetian style. 12 €
Cod fish, green beans and crispy cheek. 12 €
Octopus salad. 12 €
Saute of clams and mussells with tomatoes. 12 €
Anchovies, endive, pears and parmesan cheese. 12 €
Scallops au gratin. 14 €
Grey shrimps with "polenta". 14 €
Selection of cheese. 14 €
Selection of italian cured meats. 16 €
Sliced roast pig "Porchetta" with spicy panzerotti. 16 €
Beef Carpaccio with Cipriani sauce. 15 €
Our selection of seafood starters. 22 €